The Lion King Hero

Who is your hero? Well mine is my grandpa. I think my grandpa and Mufasa, in the movie The Lion King, are similar. One way they are like is because they both are kind hearted. Mufasa shows his kind-hearted when he goes back for Simba and helps him escape from the stampede. My grandpa embraces his kind heart by being gentle, he is slow to anger especially when his wife, kids, and even grandkids don’t obey him. He and Mufasa also share the trait of being protective. Mufasa tries to keep Simba out of danger, and if he fails he then saves him. My grandpa is protective of his crops, he gives them plenty of water and makes caring for them one of his top priorities. One other obvious characteristic they share is being trustworthy. Mufasa does his best to keep Simba, the animals, and their land safe from harm. My grandpa shows trust by being there when you need him. Like at church, if you need help washing dishes after lunch you can count on him to wash the dishes. Now after hearing my justification can’t you see the similarity between my hero and Mufasa?

Family Tree

Hello, ya know there is 2 topics I could go on and on and on forever! but we are going to talk about 1. FAMILY!

On my dad’s mom’s side he had 3 grandparents. The two origional has his 24 aunts and uncles not counting parents. Their names are Kathleen, JoAnn ,(mother) Pat, Juanida, Rex, Jan, Sunny, Iris, Don, Joe, Bonnie and Tim but he died of sickness when he was three. Just so you know these are NOT in order!!! If you can guess he has tons of cousins but I’m not even going to try to name them all. All I know is each aunt/ uncle had at least 1 kid. Then my Gramdma (JoAnn) had four kids with my grandpa, William but they called him Bill. Steve, Beth, Cathy and my dad. (in order) Sadly My grandma and grandpa both died so… And I have 7 cousins on that side.

My great grandma married my great grandpa and had 5 kids. Ken, Sandy, Deb (mother) Rhonnie, and Kieth. (not in Order. BTW my great grandma is still alive so… Then my grandma married my grandpa and had 4 girls. Lisa, Ashley (mom) Jacklyn and Jen. Neither of them have died. And I have 9 cousins and 1 on the way.

Let’s fastfoward until my parents got married. Then they had me, my sister and brother. (in order) If you wanted to know, I don know why you would but… none of us have kids, are married or have a job yet !? Thanks for tunning in and sorry if I confused you! Let me know in the comments how many siblings you have.

family pictures


20% Blog

I have told you about my 20% project already. If you are a new follower then I would encourage you to check out my previous 20% blog. On to today’s blog!

I think the biggest accomplishment Carly and I have made is sending E-mail’s to our mentor. This has been a big accomplishment for us because we now have a mentor and can start planning our dates to meet at the local Elementary.

Our goal for December is to send and E-mail to the principal asking if we have permission to come to their elementary. Another goal is that we need to decide when we will start collecting cans. We don’t want to start right away because Carl and I think it would be better to build a relation ship with the kids first.

If youhave any suggestions then please let me know!


Christmas: noun/ krismes

Think about all the words you know that describe joyful, exited and love. Now multiply that times 100. That’s how I feel about CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!  Christmas is my favorite time of year. Everyone is so JOLLY and BRIGHT that it makes people all around smile! My family has some normal and weird traditions, plus belifs!

Now yes, of corse my family puts up a tree, hangs up lights, hangs ornaments and smacks a big ol’ star on top of the tree. That’s normal. But my family takes it a few steps further. Have you ever heard of something called an Elf on the Shelf ? They watch you from when you put your tree up to christmas eve. And hide in a different spot each day, but WARNING you can not touch your elf or it looses it’s magic. We also leave a pickle (fake) out on christmas eve. So then Santa can hide it in the tree. Then the first person to find it gets good luck. Weird right ?

The history of Christmas dates way back to either 6 or 4 years before christ. My family is based on a history where we believe Jesus was born into the world on Christmas, that is why we celebrate, lived a PERFECT life and died for us. AKA christianity. 

Thanks for tunning in and comment if what you do on christmas!

Christmas16_01 by Antonio Castagna at Flickr


Morning – 3

Your probably wondering how exhausting it is to be me, right? Well, probably not. Instead you’re going to learn about my schedule, morning to 3!

Monday through Friday I wake up at 5:45. I pick out my super trendy and fabulous outfit. After that I look on pintrest for a really cute hairstyle. If I fail my go-to is a side braid. My final step is lipstick my favorite brand is ELF. I put on my shoes, brush my teeth, pack my lunch and get in the car. (5:45- 7:20)

Once I’m at school 6th grade goes to the gym. There we talk to our friends before class. When dismissed, I go to my locker, get 1st and homeroom supplies and make my way to room 119. For homerom my school does a computer program called rosetta stone. Then of I go to first period and so on.

Here is what my schedule looks like for term 2…

Homeroom- 7:35 to 7:55                                                                                                                                                                       1st Period- 7:55 to 8:44                                                                                                                                                                                – locker break-                                                                                                                                                                                           2nd Period- 8:46 to 9:33                                                                                                                                                                             3rd Period- 9:33 to 10:22                                                                                                                                                                              – locker break-                                                                                                                                                                                               4th  Period- 10:24 to 11:11                                                                                                                                                                           5th Period- 11:11 to 11:55                                                                                                                                                                               – lunch-      30 minutes                                                                                                                                                                                 – advisory-     20 minutes                                                                                                                                                                           6th Period- 12:55 to 1:42                                                                                                                                                                             7th Period- 1:42 to 2:35

the end



What I do on Fridays

Howdy! In my ELA and PBL we do a little project called 20%. The basic idea of the 20% project is to make an impact in your community. My partner in crime is Carly B, and our idea is to visit an elementary school near us and help my previous math teacher’s core extension group. In exchange we would like to start a canned good drive at that school and donate what we have collected to our local food bank, Go- pantry.

Carly and I choose this for our project because we thought this was a realistic idea and we could give kids something they could not get on their own. In my opinion we took the easy road, but the effect it will have on peoples lives will be worth our ” simple ” project idea.

Our goal for the month of November is to respond back to our mentor to come up with a game plan of what we will teach and when.

The only thing we ask of you is to spread the word throughout Northern Kentucky. We are 2 girls with BIG dreams to prosper, and we ask that you would go and check out Go- pantry’s website. See you next time!

p.s. Carly and I would love it if you would comment and tell us if you have, or are going to donate to Go- pantry!


See my Visual Aide for more information.

You Should Just Stop, and Play Volleyball !


If you are playing or just got back from any sport, kudos to you! But if you just played Volleyball, then x2 kudos to you. If you can’t alredy tell I love love LOVE volleyball!

Volleyball is my favorite because anything can happen in the game. You have to be prepared for anything, including one pass return, tips, or hits. Right now I am on the NKYVC blue team. NKYVC stands for Northern Kentucky Youth Volleyball Club. The position I play is backrow. I stand in right, middle, and/ or left. My job is to pass the ball to the setter, call out if the ball has gone past the sideline, and most importantly cheer on my teammates.

The 2 main things you have to master in the game of volleyball are passing and serving. If you don’t have those mastered then you can get the ball to the setter (right front) which means the hitter (middle or left front) won’t be able to get the ball over the net. If you can’t serve then the other team automatically wins the point and gets the ball.

The main rules of volleyball are…

  1. play the ball until the whistle blows
  2. pass, set, hit
  3. Know your own strength (serving)
  4. treat your teammates respectfully
  5. stay LOW

All in all the 2 things you should know about volleyball is that it is 20% physical and 80% mental. What I mean by that is if you keep pointing out your mistakes and focus on the last point then you can’t play the game. And it’s the best sport ever!





Welcome to the wonderful world of Addison’s blogs! Today I am going to tell and explain how to site you pictures, music, quotes, etc. Soooo lets GO GO GO!

To site something means to give the creator recognition for their work. Just like if your going to copy and paste a picture of Minnie Mouse on your google slides. You can still copy and paste the picture, BUT you also have to copy and paste the URL. That is what gives the designer custody of what they made.  If you don’t sight, then that is called plagiarizing. That means taking someone else’s work or ideas and saying you made it, and eventually as you get older this could get you into BIG problems. Now here is an example of how to site a picture!  ( and here is a poem to go with, it by yours truly )

                                                Ms. Witch whipping through the west
                                              Riding on her broom stick
                                           The evil, devious piece of magic, so they call it
                                            hiding in the fog so they won’t see her coming
                                             for it is hallows eve 
                                         she plans to scare them all 
                                          trickory and decite are the only rules she lives by
                                            laughing and cackling as you’re about to trick or treat!


Activity 4

         Hi! my name is Alex. I go to Gray Middle school and I’m in 7th grade. It’s the begining of the year and my Art grade is ALREADY slipping! I have a 82%, and if I fail the 100 point grade that is due in 2 days I am going to FAIL this class. Seventh grade is SO rough! It’s like your little sibling. When they’re newborns they are so cute but as they grow instead of them giving you sweet smiles, you get a big ol’ slap in the face!
         I have soo much homework tonight and on top of that tomorrow is our social studies test. At this rate I’m not going to be able to have dinner!
 Uuuuuuggggg! FINALLY, I’m finished with my HW. now I’m going to bed!
AAAaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh! I forgot, I need to do my art project!

Hello! You Need to Comment!

Good morning/ afternoon/ night! This is  Addison and I am going to tell you how to create and write a comment!

When you want to add a comment all you have to do is scroll until you find the button that says, ” Add Comment”. Once you start to write your first word it should always start with a CAPITAL letter.

The first statement you should start with a posotive statement. For Example……

  • Your blog was so cool…
  • I loved that you choose…
  • Your blog kept me entertained…
  • This blog was about my favorite topic…

These starters give the writer a good feeling about their post.

Next you should include a connection or question. Here are some starters…

  • Do horses really…..
  • When you said….. it made me think of the time that I…..
  • I was wondering how often …                                                                                         And finally  You can add your name but that is optional. And when you make a comment the MOST important quality it has to have is a HIGHWAY comment. That is a type of comment that you can add on to or buid a conversation from it.

Here is a post that I made on Carly’s blog.

Carly, your blog was so interesting. It was so indepth and I learned so much about you! One thing that I was wondering about is, What is the most funny thing that you have ever said to a friend?
– Addison Reusch